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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens to a metal roof in a lightning storm?

Lightning happens from the highest object in an area. It doesn’t matter the material type. Metal roofing doesn’t attract lightning and causes no additional risk to the structures it protects.


What about hail?

The textured beauty of a metal roofing system adds strength and prepares it to withstand whatever Mother Nature delivers. A warranty offers hail protection including leaking and finish damage. Metal doesn’t lose its resistance with age. This is better than roofing products that are more vulnerable to damage as the years go on.


What about fire?

A metal roof is non-combustible and provides reliable protection from fire. Also, the meager weight of our roofing materials reduces any cave-in threat that could happen with an interior house fire.

Is a metal roof eco-friendly?

A metal roof is an eco-green roof. Metal roofing it is constructed of recycled aluminum, and its lifelong probability ensures sustainability. It’s energy efficient and can be installed over your existing roof. This reduces landfill buildup of your old roof material. By comparison, standard roofing materials use natural resources, and when it is time to repair, replace, or install, the old elements sit in a landfill.